Route your Ride

UX concept design


In collaboration with Eric Battin

Route your Ride is a series of design research on bike riding in the urban environment. In cities, bikers encounters a complicated circumstance where they are forced to consider aspects simultaneously such as interaction with drivers and pedestrians, destinations, safety, joy, and etc. Route your Ride explores the aspects of bike ridings through field research and design suggestions for a mobile application.


Field Research

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The most concerned aspect of bike riding in the urban environment would be the interaction between drivers. The relationship between the two groups is often negative, since drivers are threats to bikers, and bikers are obstacles to drivers. To recreate this experience more active and engaging, we created body panels with various messages, and went out to the road with them.



ROUTE YOUR RIDE© finds the most appropriate route for users based on four “experience parameters” — safety, view, thrill, time. Each parameter is connected to different aspects of the biking experience.
For example, if you want safer riding, the app would try to create a route involving bike paths and trails as much as possible. If you want more thrill, the app would provide a route with more downhills and wider road so that you can enjoy speed, but you might have to sacrifice some safety. All 4 parameters are connected and affect one another.

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