design fiction : exploration in voice interface

Interactive objects, exhibition
Created with : iPhone4, Objective-C, fabric, cardboard, elastic band




In introducing new technologies, human-to-computer interaction design has borrowed familiar, human-to-human communication methods to reduce cultural friction. At the same time, people have adopted human-to-computer interaction methods in their communications, creating a cultural and technological symbiosis. Natural-language interfaces — such as voice command systems — take part in this relationship, incorporating computers into traditional speaker-listener communication.

REcoder is a wearable mask designed to explore the the extended realm of verbal communication where algorithmic listeners(computers with natural-language input) and human listeners coexist. REcoder processes its users’ speech and modifies it in real time according to an array of possible algorithmic filters as well as an alternative visual for the mouth, which addresses distinct characteristics between the two listeners. Its platform, muffling mask, alternative visuals, and algorithmic manipulations provide useful tools to explore synergistic relationship between technology and culture.




Algorithmic Filters

Filter H-142 : Stutter

Algorithmic listeners think stutter is disturbing noise and find it difficult to understand.

Filter H-003 : French Accent

Understanding of non-native English accent requires cultural flexibility. Algorithmic listeners are culture blind.

Filter H-017 : Universal Translator Strictly speaking, this filter talks to both Algorithmic listeners and Human listeners. But when you need a translator, you want to talk to another person, not computers.

Filter A-298 : NL-SO Wrapper

Natural Language – Search Operator wrapper converts natural language to a search query with operators that help acquiring more specific- ity for Algorithmic listeners.

Filter A-168 : Mixed Translator

How many people can understand a sentence consisting of four different languages? All the Algorithmic listeners can.

Filter A-074 : Extreme Speed Up Mechanically ideal, Algorithmic listeners have no problem understanding extremely
sped up speeches.


Wait, is it legal for me to go to a strip club?