How I failed to fix my electronic organ

design fiction : algorithmically controlled consciousness

How I failed to fix my electronic organ is a speculative design project where its goal is to explore the phenomenon of the world becoming increasingly personalized to individual. The project reflects possible scenario of how radical personalization will be implicated on the future design of physical and digital interface, and infrastructure.

In the speculation of How I failed to fix my electronic organ narrative, a user interacts with a specially designed wristband, of which the main function is to detect and to analyze the wearer’s hand movements in different scales in everyday life – what you touch, where you stop during sorting process, and where you are. With the database, the wristband now ‘recommends’ the user to take actions through blinking lights and sound effects. Furthermore, the device interact with the city infrastructure to re-create personalized environment for the user to make him taking a certain kind of action. Without giving any specific directions, the wristband is allowed to be a connector and an interface between the user’s subconscious and urban infrastructure.